The antiSMASH database offers researchers three main pieces of funtionality.

It is possible to browse the database by phylogeny or secondary metabolite type, giving an exploratory overview of the avaliable biosynthetic gene cluster predictions. Selecting a cluster for closer inspection will redirect to the antiSMASH results page, offering all the usual annotations.

Alteratively, it is possible to query for specific biosynthetic gene cluster types, monomers and many more. The simple search field queries for the most common options, the "build a query" page allows to construct more detailed queries.

Lastly, a number of summary statistics are available to give a general idea of the types of secondary metabolite production represented by the database.

This is the antiSMASH database version 3, last updated 2020-09-15.

To cite the antiSMASH database, please reference

The antiSMASH database version 3: increased taxonomic coverage and new query features for modular enzymes
Kai Blin; Simon Shaw; Satria A. Kautsar; Marnix H. Medema; Tilmann Weber
Nucleic Acids Research, gkaa978; doi: 10.1093/nar/gkaa978